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Conference Series Ltd invites all the participants across the globe to attend Annual Congress and Medicare Expo on Trauma & Critical Care Madrid, Spain.

Day 2 :

Keynote Forum

Akram Fayed

University of Alexandria, Egypt

Keynote: Trauma to the Gravid Uterus

Time : 10:30-11:10

OMICS International Trauma 2016 International Conference Keynote Speaker Akram Fayed photo

Akram M Fayed has completed his training in Egypt and USA and earned his Doctorate degree in Critical Care Medicine as well as the ABIM in 2005. Since then, he contributed by giving talks and presenting research activities in many national and international conferences. He is the Founder and Member of the Egyptian Society of Critical Care and Emergency. He is also a Member of SCCM, ESICM and others. He has a number of publications in CCM in elite journals. He is currently an Associate Professor of Critical Care Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Alexandria, Egypt.


Trauma to the gravid uterus is the most common non obstetrical cause of death in pregnant women. It is important to suspect pregnancy in any female in the childbearing age presenting with trauma. Specific anatomical and physiological changes develop during the varying stages of pregnancy to the mother and the uterus make the likelihood of injury during pregnancy high. A number of mechanisms are involved in the blunt trauma of the gravid uterus incluing road traffic accidents, falls and domestic violence. Causes of death identified following trauma of the gravid uterus include: hypovolemic shock, head and neck injuries and respiratory failure. Important steps in management include: resuscitation and stabilization of the mother which takes a priority of the fetus. When vital signs cannot be stabilized, an emergency cesarean section could save the fetus. Prevention of gravid uterus trauma include public awareness of the magnitude of the problem, counseling regarding safety during driving and encouraging prompt reporting of domestic violence to the authority.

Break: Networking & Refreshments 11:10-11:30 @ Salamanca

Keynote Forum

Claudia M.Elsig

Calda Clinic, Switzerland

Keynote: The devastating effects of domestic violence

Time : 11:30-12:10

OMICS International Trauma 2016 International Conference Keynote Speaker Claudia M.Elsig photo

Claudia Elsig has more than 20 years of experience in the area of psychiatric and psychotherapeutic medicine. She studied at the medical faculty of the Zurich University and after this completed an extensive and deepened training in various evidence-based psychotherapeutic methods. She specialised on psycho-traumatology. Out of a deep interest for the effects of psychological and physical traumas like post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, eating disorders, the whish in her grew to help those people individually, holistic and sustaining. On the way to a multi-specialist, she looked for the best mentors in Europe for behavioural therapy, hypnosis and EMDR. She passed through training in genetics and genetic consultation with the focus on addiction, depression and anxiety disorders and discovered the fascination of epigenetics. For years, she managed the special consultation for clinical hypnosis at a private clinic in Zurich. During the past years as a Medical Director and Manager of the Psychiatry Department in an international practice she deepened her knowledge on multiple types of addiction and their effects.rnIn 2004, she founded the Calda AG and developed an individual integrative treatment concept for psychological diseases. Currently, she is the manager of the Calda Clinic for in-patient clients at Lake Zurich and an outpatient, psychiatric-psychotherapeutic practice in Zollikon. Furthermore, she is a demanded referee and trainer.


Domestic violence covers a broad spectrum of physical and psychological abuse. In this presentation, the referee focuses on psychological violence in relationships and families, as psychological and sexual abuse usually are the dominating topics at trauma congresses. Psychological violence unfortunately still does not receive adequate attention; the publicity work is rather modest. Often it takes many years until those affected realise the vortex of verbal manipulation they were drawn into. Humiliations, insults and accusations paired with control, lies and threats aim to destroy the integrity and identity of the victim. The perpetrator creates psychological and materialistic dependencies. It can take just as long to liberate oneself from the entanglement of the violence spiral. Manifold symptoms can be the effects: chronic traumatising, depression, fears, addiction. The focus of this presentation is on therapeutic possibilities for those affected. However, the various types of narcissist personality disorders are presented shortly. Furthermore, the social-cultural dimension is included, the helplessness of authorities, courts, lawyers in case of divorce or separation. In this way, the attrition can continue on a legal level for a long time. It is therefore not sufficient to make this phenomenon known only amongst therapists and counselling centres. On a socio-political level still many changes have to take place in order to ensure sufficient protection for those affected and their children.